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Trip to Hampi

The trip started on 18th may 2011.There were 6 faculties,20 girls,9 boys.Before the trip we had an introductory session. In that session we had a brief presentation about the places which we were about to visit.To be very true I planed to for the tour simply.Unlike some of my friend I had not done any research on any of the place where we were about to go.At the end of the session Biju sir had asked each one of us that what was the purpose for the tour, actually at that time only I did some of the introspection.That was the beginning of my actual tour (knowing my India).Well from my childhood I had interest to know about the history of India.The old architecture,sculptures,historic monuments have always fascinated me.I always wanted to know about it and this tour was the beginning of it.

Hampi is a world heritage site.Its all about Vijaynagar civilization.But ultimately what it speaks is a part about India.It gives a glimpse of our enriched heritage.In this civilization the most hardest form of the art was used to build everything that was to make everything on stone and of stone itself.

Our first visit was to Virpaksha temple.Here the image of main gopuram falls on a wall.U may think whats so special in it?The amazing part is that the inverted image of the main gopuram(temple) falls on the wall through a small hole from morning 6am to 6pm without any change in shape,size and position.We all know that for the formation of an image there is a need of source of light and for the image of gopuram(temple) its only the sun itself.But just imagine how sun can be at the same place for such a long time that too everyday??This was one of the very first thing which stunned all of us.With this question and a sense of sprouting gratitude to the brains of the artist we moved further.We went to the bus, there was only discussion about it.Then we sang or rather shouted out some songs and played some games.

Shortly came the second place a 18 feet one stoned Ganesha statue.The marks on the abdominal part could be seen perfectly.As we all know Ganesha is known for his big belly.So the invaders thought that because some treasure is hidden inside it that is why it is so big and that tempted them to cut the stomach part into slices whose marks can be seen even now.Then we visited some near by places which included-one more Ganesh Morthy(one side Ganesha and another side a lady face),some ruptured buildings,some bazzars(markets) they were huge places somewhat under ground like.We saw many corridors with different sections similar to as we have now a days.Its said that dimonds and other precious stones used to be sold at that time in these markets.Near by there are the famous monuments of Ugranarsimha(22 feets) and Badavilinga(Shiv linga which all time immersed into  water that is 3 meters high).

We also visited the royal palace.But what we could see was only the basement of every thing  rest all was destroyed.We saw the royal “toilet”.We all were laughing asking each other to have the privilege to sit on that so that we can capture it.But one thing was to notice that it had the same design as we have now.Another good thing was that it had a pipe which led to a tank which could be recognized as septic tank.This thing tells they were concerned about the hygiene and had systematic drainage.

Then we went to a museum.It had many very old statues, ancient writing tools,weapons,coins(some were gold coins) and sculptures.Then we visited Queens palace.There we saw Lotus Mahal which was a AC hall for the queen.The technique behind it was that water used to be regulated through some pipes so that it absorbs the heat from the air making the hall cool.There was a huge building with 11 caves to keep the special elephants.Again one noticeable thing was the way the boundary walls were made.The walls were made with rocks. The base of the wall was made with big and bulky rocks which got narrowed till the top.The purpose behind it was if at all anyone would have tried to clime it the rocks would have fallen onto them.There was a Buland darwaza and near by was  Shreehazararama temple.

After this we visited king’s royal place.There was a Gupt Mahal.It was completely under ground for confidential talks.There is also a stepped bath tank.It is a very huge and deep tank with lots of steps.Apart from it there was a huge public swimming pool.It was mainly for sports event or so.Then there was a very bit kings platform from where he used to watch all cultural events called Mahanavamidibba.We all climbed up there and took a lot of snaps.On the back side it had two entrance(from where king used to enter similar as we see in movies) which led to the main platform.There were many carving on the walls of the stage.It had figures of royal hunting,king’s bravery and all.Then we went back to our moving palace that was our collage bus and continued our journey.

It was twilight when we reached Vithala temple.We went by walk to the temple.I was listening to the music but the calmness of the place was so enchanting that I was forced to put it off.It was a long way to go but we enjoyed walking after so long.It is bit tough sometimes to be seated in a bus for so long a day. On the way there were some ruptured buildings then there was a huge pond fenced very nicely.There came a voice “be fast the guide will start telling come fast”.I ran hard so that i may not miss it.And here came the place which I can never forget since it was the very first temple which had all that typical design and Morties which I always wanted to see.We were completely moved to see the beauty of that place.There was an huge beautifully carved entrance.I was in hurry so i could not notice it properly.When we entered it was all OK OK.But as we started to know about it, we were completely shocked.There were some three main building and one Rath(chariot).The whole Rath(chariot) is made of one stone.It is very beautifully made.The salient features of Rath was that the roof was detachable and the tier were designed in such way that they used to rotate on their axis.I even saw the smoothed periphery due to its prolonged rotation.There was even the lock system so that it does not come out.The artist had taken all the possible measures.One disturbing part was why there were two elephants in front of it rather then horses?Then we came to know that all the four horses were plundered by the invaders.Now came the most stunning part – that there were around 136 musical pillars which used to make different sounds.But as a very sad part of it was that even many of them were destroyed.It is known that at that time they used to make sounds that used to echo to long distances.I know its hard to believe but then the guide played on some of the pillars and we heard the very familiar sound-sa,re,,pa,dh,ni,sa…(Indian classical music).Other pillars made some other sounds.Again we got to know something which moved all of us that all the pillars were made with one stone and they were hollow without any cut mark(architect department had proved it).We were just thinking how could they make such pillars which make specific sound that too hollow and without any cut? There was another building where every pillar had many figures depicting our epics-characters of Ramayam, Mahabharat, Dahsavatarm many more.On the both side of entrance there were monuments of king riding a horse with typical design.Typical because it was hard to understand what it was depicting.The guide helped us to understand it.

As soon as it became dark they illuminated whole of the temple.The beauty increased manifold after it.As we were leaving the place I noticed the main entrance.Ya it was huge and beautiful.But I was sad to see the condition.It was terrible.Even now those words of guide echo in my mind “u can see that crack right.Its your luck that you could see it who knows when it may fall”.And we went back to the bus.But was wondering if no further care will be taken surely the guide’s word will become true.

Already we had a look into the unparalleled beauty of architecture and science but non of us knew that there were yet two spots which were about to shake our brains.Our next trip was to Baloor temple.It had a big entrance like the previous temples.It was beautifully carved.As we entered we saw a very big one stoned pillar.let me tell you the most amazing part of it.It does not have any base means it is not attached to ground by any cementing.Since many years its standing as such without any basing while now a days the latest damns and buildings fall within few months.The guide passed a handkerchief just below the pillar from one side to another to show us that.Its based on the science of center of gravity.And now we entered the temple.And what we saw was unbelievable.The whole temple was build by fixing one part with another.There was no use of cements and bricks, it was totally made by stones.Whole of the temple had carving.There were many pillars with sculptures of ladies with many poses- performing many task and some dance poses.We saw some, sculptures holding telescope,men using straws,many kinds of hairstyles,dresses and all.This shows that even many centuries back these all were prevailing.There we saw one Morty of Arjuna shooting an arrow which was getting multiplied (2  to the power 10).The guide told us that this shows that even at that time the knowledge exponent existed.It really felt good to know the history.It was an awesome temple with meticulous designs.

After this we headed to Halebidu temple.It is in Hassan district (Karnataka).It is Shiva temple.It  was somewhat similar to Baloor temple.But here we saw that it was not built completely.Actually while the time of its building the place was invaded by Mughals.So could not get completed.We saw the half drawn designs. It was like somebody has took hold on the hands of labors and never left it.The half drawn beauty was saying everything about that time.The pain they would have suffered.The guide told us that not even a single soul was left.So much prosperous kingdom was slaughtered and butchered without any concern. This was the last place we visited and it felt all of us with remorse and pain.Our minds  were being dragged to ponder upon this.But sooner one of our teacher who is a Yoga faculty made us laugh and play in near by place of temple.

This trip was a life time experience.It helped us to get bound to the root of our culture,heritage and history.We enjoyed it and also learned a lot.I am looking forward to have such memorable trips ahead.And  will surely share that with you all.


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