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Ultimate balance of nature

Ardhanareshwar the ultimate balance of nature. Day before yesterday i saw of one the best performance in my life. A Bharatnatyam performance by an ace class performer. I am so moved after seeing that performance that even when i am writing this blog i can see that divine art in front of me. It was about to be 6.00pm when one of my friend came to me asking whether i will go to watch the show or not. I was totally into my work as I was not getting the out put of my code I told okay but agreed to go after some time. I have great passion for classical form of dances and Bharatnatyam is one among my favorite. As soon I got the out put we ran to catch up with the show but it was over by then. Fortunately few people sitting in front requested for one more performance. My joy knew no bounds we stood somewhere near the corner and waited for the upcoming dance performance.

The performer first described about the dance form of Ardhanareshwar.  Ardhanareshwar is the union of Siva and Sakti- static and dynamic.The perfect balance of creator and creation.Shiva is considered to be the destroyer of all attachment. Sakti is the origin of love and maya (illusion and attachment). On one side, Shiva is furious, red eyed(kills ego), with open entangled hair having stunning copper coloured texture.The one whose body is covered with Bhasma(ash). One who wears skin of lion and spends most of his time doing Sadhana(meditation) in graveyard.The one whose anger can even melt sun.On the other side Sakti is adorable.Her gracious presence is completely majestic.The one with shinning long dense black hair.Fair complexion who is beautiful than the most beautiful thing in the world.She adores herself with the fragrant flower.Her eyes are filled with pure compassion and love.
After this small description she started her performance.With the description itself I was taken to some other plane.It was no longer a mere performance to me.Rather I could see Shiva and Sakti in-front of me.And how I realized it will tell you soon.She explained when Shiva dances in ecstasy the movement of his copper hair is similar to the lighting of the sun.He has the spark which is more than that of sun.I could feel the same with her beautiful expression and at the very next moment she used to enact like Sakti.Her (Sakti’s) hair which are black and dense symbolizes the universe.It is every where.The love in her eye can move each atom of the universe.She is complete embodiment of beauty.The extraordinary performance could convey this combination very beautifully.
I do not remember when it got over because what all I can remember is I heard tons of clapping sound which made me realize that it was over!! It was one of the best dance performance in my life which had moved me as well as had an immense imprint on my mind.Thanks to Shreepriya (One of my friend who came and i could attend it :))May I be blessed with some more such performances so that I can share it with you people too….:)

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