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Enjoy clean Gmail

It is very annoying to find all, important and insignificant mails mixed all together. There are various ways by which you can distinguish between one type of mail to others. One of the way is to keep different colour to distinguish between different levels of importance among mails. But if you want to separate one set of mails from another then creating “Filter” is one good option. It makes our job easy to check all the mails under a particular mailing address and is very easy to create too.

Step 1.  Login to your Gmail account by proving your username and password.

Step 2. Open one of the email (emails with the similar email address from the sender will be put into the filter you are about to create.). Now click on the tab named “More”, scroll down and click on “Filter messages like these”.

Step 3. Now you need to fill some fields. Enter the email address of the sender (the email address from whom the messages are to be filtered) into the “from” field (here the address will be selected on its own by default). After doing this click on “Create filter with this search”.

Step 4. Now go to “Apply label” and then click on to “choose label”. Under this select “New label” and name it according to your wish and then press on “Create”. For example: if these mails are coming from a particular mailing list say “xyz” then name it accordingly.

By now you will get a message saying “A label “xyz” was created” Hola 🙂 and we are done.

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