Run Ubuntu 12.04 within VMPlayer on Linux

22 Oct

Let us play with Ubuntu 12.04 in VMPlayer on Linux this time:

First, we need to download VMPlayer in our system. Go to the link now click on “Downloads”, you will get a list of items with sub headings. Scroll down and go to “Desktop & End-User Computing”. Click on “Download Product” mentioned in front of “VMware Player”.

VMPlayer Setup:

Now, open VMPlayer. Click on “Create a New Virtual Machine”. Click on “Use an ISO image”. Browse your Ubuntu 12.04 ISO image and click “next”. Fill in your computer details – username and password then click “next”.

Next page demands hardware information. Adjust size (in GB) accordingly. Then check mark “Store virtual disk as a single file”. It gives convenience while copying VM image from one system to other. Now uncheck “Automatically Start the VM” and click “finish”.

Now, before we should adjust emulated hardware. Click “Edit virtual machine settings”. Now adjust the amount of memory available to the VM to be the recommended amount of memory. Number of CPU should not be more than the number of CPUs you have available in your system. Click the ‘Save’ button.

Now we are almost done. Start the VM by clicking “Play virtual machine”. If a “Removable devices” window pops up, click “ok”. To avoid slow working of VM do click on “Download and install” for windows with heading Software “Updates”.

Yes we are done! As the installation of Ubuntu 12.04 finishes we can get started with it in our VM.

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