Building SSSD

25 Oct

Follow the given steps to build SSSD ( System Security Services Daemon ):

Step 1:

We need to install following packages in order to proceed

yum install gettext gettext-devel libtool pcre-devel c-ares-devel \
    python-devel popt-devel doxygen bind-utils libnl3-devel \
    samba-devel glib2-devel dbus-devel libxslt docbook-style-xsl \
    nspr-devel libxml2 \
    libtevent libtevent-devel libtalloc libtalloc-devel \
    libtdb libtdb-devel libldb libldb-devel \
    libselinux-devel libsemanage-devel \
    nss-devel pam-devel openldap-devel krb5-devel \
    check-devel libcmocka-devel \
    libcollection-devel libdhash-devel libini_config-devel \
    libpath_utils-devel libref_array-devel cifs-utils-devel \

Step 2:

Open ~/.bashrc file. Now, in order to make it convenient to work on SSSD often , add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc file.

if [ -f /path/to/sssd-source/contrib/fedora/bashrc_sssd ]; then
    . /path/to/sssd-source/contrib/fedora/bashrc_sssd

Step 3:

Run the following command to produce a Debug build of SSSD

cd /path/to/sssd-source
reconfig && chmake

Step 4:

Run the usual Autotools combo to install SSSD on distribution other than Fedora system :

autoreconf -i -f && \
./configure --enable-nsslibdir=/lib64 --enable-pammoddir=/lib64/security && \
sudo make install

Things to be taken care:

* The Autotools install prefix is /usr/local

* Use /lib instead of /lib64 for nsslibdir and pammoddir while building and installing on a 32 bit machine.

* The NSS and PAM libraries must be installed to system library directories as that’s where NSS and PAM look for them.

And that is it. We are done.


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2 responses to “Building SSSD

  1. Vikas

    November 26, 2013 at 2:41 am

    Nicely written

  2. Vikas

    November 26, 2013 at 2:43 am

    Good read helps a lot


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