Somewhat about Tevent Context!

26 Jan

Tevent context is a handler that describes an instance of the ‘tevent’ event library. Thus to work with this, first we need to allocate some memory say “memctx”. Now that we have space allocated, we will put our tevent_ctx pointer here. To deal with the events to be caught and handled they are first required to be included in this particular context. Reason for subordinating events to a tevent context structure rises from the fact that several context can be created and each of them are processed at different time. Thus we can maintain different context for different events. For example: we can have one context containing just file descriptor events, secondone taking care of signal and time events and the third one which keeps information about the rest etc.

// A little example:

TALLOC_CTX *memctx = talloc_new(NULL);
assert_non_null(memctx, NULL);
struct tevent_context *ev_ctx = tevent_context_init(memctx);
assert_non_null(ev_ctx, NULL);

The Diagram below explains the idea clearly: Taken from the source mentioned below.


Source :

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